Mixed words after 24hrs of violence in kiev

There were words of hope in Kiev Friday, a day after protest clashes ended in mass carnage.
But they were mixed with messages of caution, if not to say contradiction. And they were followed by scuffles and loud arguments in Ukraine's parliament.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovychhad overnight negotiations with opposition and the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland were successful, the statement said;

The government and the opposition will sign the agreement at noon, a presidential spokesman said.
But France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius sent out a very different message on Twitter, saying that nothing definitive could be said before the morning was over. He urged caution.
Germany's foreign ministry echoed the tone in a tweet: "Very difficult negotiations throughout the night in #Kyiv (Kiev). Now a break to continue talks later on."
Even after Ukranian parliamentarians were called to order and filed back into their seats, they did not appear in harmonious agreement.
In an unrelated decision, the U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for the Ukraine, urging U.S. citizens to postpone travel there due to the violence.
                                                                                                                  source: CNN
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