MUST READ-"An open letter to all Nigerians"

I got this write up from a friend,and i felt like sharing this,its a must read,make sure you don't miss any line. NIGERIA AT 53 Happy independence to Nigerians. Our country is a big fella now, big, strong, reliable and independent. I believe that is d point of celebrating our ‘independence’. 53 years ago, the UNION JACK was lowered and d GRWHITE GREEN hoisted. Each time I enter the Tafawa Balewa square, the venue of this historical event, I can literally feel the force of history that took place on this day. How proud a day that must have been, for those who were lucky enough witness such a momentous occasion. But for anybody who has been to the Tafawa Balewa square recently, the story of that place can aptly describe the story of this country now. I can remember almost coming to tears the first time I entered the square, how could a country allow such a historical place become so descript, I mean that place holds a piece of our historical evolution, and yet if you get during the day or night, the thick haze of Indian hemp coming from the sides and the stares of lowlifes who have turned the place to a home will make you think twice about going there again. That is the story of my country at 53, DISCRIPT, BROKEN, WORSE FOR WEAR, CONFUSED, LOST, and I could go on and on to use as many adjectives as I can find. Surely our forbears had a better plan in mind 53 years ago, surely they didn’t envisage we will be at this point 53 years down the line, surely they must have foreseen a better future that great morning, and surely they must have surely though of a sure present. I can imagine their convictions, of course they were not too na├»ve as to not imagine a couple of hiccups along the way, but then nation building is no joke, it gets even complicated when you are dealing with more than 250 different ethnicities and ways of life. Building a country so diverse as ours definitely has some challenges, a lot of challenges, but that we are still at this stage we are in our national development is not just mind boggling, but downright ridonculous. Even the pessimist of heart wouldn’t have foretold such ignominious present and a hazy future at best and at worst… well, let’s leave it at that. What are the facts? Nigeria is a country blessed with ridiculous amount of natural and human resources that will make so many countries of the world drool in anticipation. With our plush lands, oil, learned and smart people, hardworking folks, we could not have asked for more. With the 53rd anniversary of our independence coming against the backdrop of a US government shutdown, the first in 17 years, I really do think we need a Nigerian government shutdown. Not in the same vein as the Americans, who are bogged down with fringe politics and extreme conservatism. But a shutdown of the Nigerian government. By a shutdown, I do mean a total removal of structures of governance, like pressing a reset. Why advocate for such extreme measures? At this point in time, I have without a shadow of doubt the belief that our no 1 problem in this country is the president. This is not a personal attack on the guy, I can’t even begin to understand how incredibly difficult it is to be d President of this country. It is hard enough being a food prefect of a secondary school with about 200 students which is d closest I’ve come to a leadership position and u can throw into that a couple of class captainship. Those were pretty difficult positions to occupy so to be d President must be an incredibly difficult task. But being a food prefect means while I get a bigger ration than most of my colleagues and fellow students, I got to eat late, always got to class late, and had to forfeit my meal each time there is a shortage. Now that is sacrifice. Being president of this country has incredible perks and whoever is lucky enough to occupy that position not only has a responsibility to positively acquit himself, but also to do much more. This is my problem with this president. He rode into office on the back of having some sort of good luck or ultimate destiny as a result of several events that propelled him to the highest office in the land. I think a couple of years down the line, for those who did vote for him and d whole country. We know better. This is a guy who has proven to be shallow in depth as much as in intellect. The ultimate quality of a president of course isn’t to be smart, but to not be intelligent and to not surround yourself with people who are intelligent and do care sufficiently for this country is a major failing of this president. At best he looks uninspired and bogged down by events surrounding him, clueless is one word that comes close to describing him. To lead, at least one should be able to inspire, no fire in his belly whatsoever…. Clueless about our problems and which way to go about solving them. With this guy we got a really raw deal. So he was right to claim corruption isn’t Nigeria’s no 1 problem. Darn right not corruption. Nigeria’s no1 problem is President Goodluck Jonathan. Yes I know it is easy to blame just one person for the ills that have been perpetuated way before he joined politics, but I just can’t but get mad at the pace and way he seems to go about leading this country. Nothing seems to be working, educational standards is in d doldrums, health is death, unemployment and poverty at an all time low. I have to say, it is really hard to find something to be grateful about. From uninspired followers to insipid and thieving leaders, we really are in deep shit. Need I say more??? It is easy to complain and rant about problems without preferring a solution; well I have a solution…. And nope, it is not prayers, just one sentence. KILL US ALL GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND HAPPY INDEPENDENCE @yknight89
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Nice...brilliant!!!!!...... Kill us all,really?@bumitefc

Congrats bro bee you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...