Abrahamovich's Girlfriend Sparks Outrage For Posing On Unclad Black Woman Chair

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's partner has sparked an internet firestorm after an online magazine published a photo of her sitting on a chair made to resemble a half-Unclad black woman - on Martin Luther King Day.

Buro 24/7 used the horrendously offensive image of Dasha Zhukova Monday to illustrate an unrelated interview about the former model's new magazine, Garage. Miroslava Duma, the blog's editor, also posted the insensitive photo on Instagram.

Both were met with an immediate barrage of disgusted comments, and Duma quickly deleted the picture from Instagram and cropped out the chair on Buro 24/7.

This is incredibly racist,' Organizing for Women's Liberation tweeted Monday, after news of the unbelievable picture spread.

In the image, the Moscow-born 32-year-old, wearing a crisp white shirt buttoned nearly to the top and blue jeans, perches on an extremely life-like black mannequin who is Unclad save for a pair of leather-look black panties, a dominatrix-style belt, elbow length gloves and knee-high boots.

The dummy is laying on her back with her knees bent and a cushion, which Zhukova is sitting on, is balanced on her bottom.

Her neck is propped up off the floor uncomfortably, as if she is straining to look at her master, and her amble, Unclad bosom is pressed provocatively against her body.

Zhukova, staring at the camera, appears the complete opposite of the black woman she's weighing down.

FashionBombDaily.com editor Claire Sulmers was among the first to express her disbelief, claiming the photo's message was startlingly clear: 'White dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.'

She wrote on her blog that racism remained rampant in the art and fashion worlds and this needed to stop.

'The art and fashion industries are the few bastions of society where blatant racism and ignorance are given the greenlight in the name of creativity,' Sulmers complained.

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