I have no privacy-sakodie

Ghana’s finest and fastest rapper, Sakodie says he wishes he could enjoy his privileges as a public figure and still have his privacy. “I wish I could have the privileges and still have my normal life which I know it is not possible. I don’t enjoy it when for instance people look at the way I eat my meals in restaurants. Sometimes people don't even understand why I visit places like the washing bay.” According to him, as a public figure, there was a major threat to his security since he was not sure people really liked or hated him. He revealed that most of the lyrics he wrote were based on his feelings, sentiments, and experience in life. “I like to be real, if I feel much loved, I do those kind of songs,” he said Explaining the reason for what many describe as bragging in his raps, he said that “rap is competitive and you always have to brag to give the impression that you are the best” He also said it was a privilege for him to place eighth in the 2013 list of Top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artistes compiled by Forbes and Channel O. “It is a great feeling. If it came from Ghana then you can say I was given that privilege because they understand what I am doing but this is from Africa and this serves as an encouragement to work harder"
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