Mercy Johnson Lambasts Movie Producers; Dares Them To Ban Her

It came as a surprise that Film makers in Nigeria decided on ban our favorite actress without notice. They expressed many reasons for the decision which includes allegations that Mercy Johnson’s attitude is supposedly getting “unbecoming” which affects her work, that she disappears while on location after she has been paid for the job, and that she charges very high between $12,000 to $15,000 when her other colleagues are charging between $6,000 to $12,000. But Mercy Johnson has taken exception to the reported ban and had this to say: “Good Morning peeps. Today I sit and sip my porridge tasting like champagne. It’s God who makes and only he can take back. Not yet time girls so stay back. What’s wrong when you keep quite till you no what’s up? No petition, no complains. Just fees. Those who can’t afford Heineken should stick with ‘Kai Kai.’ It seems like the saying ‘silence is golden’ doesn’t work for certain peeps. Even with all the amount of money they are paying the media to diss me, they won’t succeed. I won’t succumb to any unnecessary distractions. I am one man squad. Sad they don’t know yet. Hmm… they claim I am most expensive… its God OOOOO!”
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