Ways to enhance your sexual desire

Find how you can indulge in and enhance
your sexual performance.
The sexual revolution of the 60’s and the
encouraging slogan of “make love not war”
helped to free up many of the social taboos
which had for decades surrounded adult
sexuality, and women in particular.
This new liberation gave us all permission to
indulge in, and enjoy, spontaneous and
inventive sexual activity so long as we were
acting responsibly and had reached the age
of consent. So now, when everything is in
place and the opportunity arises, why are so
many of us not turned on by the prospect of
making love, even when we have very real
feelings for the person suggesting it?
It might be of some comfort to know that
you’re certainly not alone. Research shows
that thousands of men and women of all
ages are troubled by a flagging libido.
Our sexual functions are both complex and
multifaceted and no one is expected to
always be in the mood but it’s not ideal if
this condition, which the experts call ‘hypo-
active sexual desire disorder’ (HSDD),
persists for any length of time.
You might be able to fool yourself that
you’re better off leading a life that’s not
constantly disrupted by lustful thoughts and
acts but a lack of libido is detrimental to
your general well-being and will undoubtedly
wreak havoc with your personal
The stresses of modern living and the
concerns about family, work and finances,
take their toll on many people’s sex drive.
Loss of libido is also common after
childbirth, which is possibly linked to
hormonal changes or could quite simply be
due to exhaustion.
To counter all or any of these factors, start
by making sure that you get enough sleep
and exercise, follow a healthy diet and don’t
drink too much alcohol or smoke too many
cigarettes. There are also some very good
natural supplements like Megamax or
Tribulus Terrestris Tincture that ensure that
your body has the correct hormonal
balance, which are necessary to function
optimally .
Other ways to recapture your lost sexual
desire include doing things that stimulate
your senses and make you happy. Joyful
people think about sex more often and
indulging in your favourite aphrodisiacs like
oysters and campaign or good dark
chocolate mousse with ripe strawberries will
most certainly help things along.
It’s also very important to get your partner
involved.Talk about how you feel and ask for
their support and understanding. Emotional
intimacy like touching, holding hands and
whispering kind words and sweet nothings
are great precursors to sexual intimacy.
Take out the candles, turn on soft and
soothing music and suggest that you share
back massages. Introducing a good vibrating
massager like the Je Joue Mimi can be very
helpful, because the more effective the
technique the more likely you both are to
become relaxed and aroused.
Make sure that neither one places pressure
on the other to go further, unless you both
so desire.
Remember that any sexual stimulation is
prone to getting us wanting more. So once
you’re back on track, keep going.
Get hold of a few sex toys to spice things up
a bit. Doing something different and
titillating is exciting and motivating. Many
men and women find that, although
vibrators aren't a replacement for a partner,
they add to foreplay and intercourse and
give them a higher level of sexual desire,
lubrication and a more intense orgasm.
That’s why sex devices are called toys; they
keep us wanting to play.
If none of this works, there could be a
medical reason for your flagging
libido.There is no shame in recognising that
you’re experiencing problems and seeking
professional help, so talk to your GP they’ve
heard it all before.
But before you do that,make the time and
put in the effort to work it out yourselves,
the results could just be mind blowing.
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