Let's Laff

My Five –year-old daughter, Ann had been
ill with pneumonia for several days when
our pediatrician ordered a chest X ray. Ann
was unhappy about the prospect, so the
doctor reassured her it would be just like
having her picture taken and would not
hurt. On the way over to radiology, my
daughter told the doctor, ‘‘Well, all right
I’II have the X ray but I’m not going to
A friend introduced me to her daughter, a
smartly dressed woman with the manner of a
professional person. I learned that she was a
Roman Catholic nun on vacation from her
position as an educational administrator. We
agreed that her life-style as a nun was vastly
different from what it would have been in
earlier days.
‘‘Sister,’’ I said, half in jest, ‘‘who knows what
changes are yet to come. Why, some future
pope may decide to allow nuns to marry!’’
‘‘perhaps,’’ came the reply, ‘‘Perhaps she will.’’
For several weeks my husband had had trouble
getting to sleep at night l read some articles on
relaxation techniques and decided to try one
on him. As he get into bed I said softly,
‘‘Imagine that you are sitting on your favorite
fishing bank. The sun is warm and a breeze is
stirring. Your cork is bobbing up and down, up
and down on the water.’ His eyes closed. Just
when I thought I had succeeded, he sat bolt
upright in bed.
‘‘But I don’t fish with a cork,’’ he said.

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