GIST OF THE DAY: 5 Ways to Instantly Get that Red Carpet Face

Its the weekend and expectedly there’s usually a
plethora of social activities…parties to attend,
hang out spots to discover and the Sunday
evening dates with the boo. In all of this, no one
knows better than the fashionista just how
important it is to put your best foot forward and
have the perfect pout in place for the countless
pictures that are bound to be taken at such
So, in the spirit of the weekend, we present our
Pulse TGIF tips on how best to achieve the
perfect red carpet face.
Poker up!
Red lips: nothing spells red carpet ready
faster than a sexy, red pout and with the
wide range of options MAC offers these
days, there’s no excuse to appear
anything short of glamorous on the red
carpet. Just swipe on that red lipstick and
get your instant diva on. For a wide range
of lipsticks, offers an
impressive bargain on MAC products.
Eye-shadow: depending on the time of
the day and the general theme of your
look, dark smokey eyes can instantly lend
character to your eyes and give you the
desired vixen effect which is quite apt for
the red carpet.
Foundation: let’s not get it twisted, even
ladies with the most flawless skin have
been know to employ the services of the
ever-trusty foundation. It hides a
multitude of sins while instantly
brightening the face and incase you
missed the memo, a bright face equals
camera-ready and red-carpet winner.
Mascara: whether the lashes are the ones
you came to the world in or the ones you
bought across a beauty store counter,
never ever underestimate the power of
eyelashes..and by extension mascara.
Invest in the right volumising mascara like
the Maxfactor which can be gotten on and watch your eyes
come alive for the red carpet.
Cleansing milk: in all of this, its important
to care for the skin because as we know, a
lady is only as old as she lets her skin
get. So remember that sleeping with
make-up is a n0-no and always, always
cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate.
Have a great weekend!

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