4 Google Friendly Ways of Increasing Conversion

Here are 4 Google friendly ways to Increase
Go Microniche:
Once I guest posted on ‘ Why micro niche is best ’.
A reader later commented that Google hated micro
niche. Yes, Google hates micro niche but only when
you have thin content on your site. Keep uploading
fresh content and Google will love it. Moreover
opting for micro niche allows you to concentrate on
a single topic which is great for content creation.
Lesser Options for Your Readers:
Lesser the options your readers have greater will be
the conversion. Some marketers in an attempt to
decrease options have no outbound links . Google
frowns on such tactics and is harder to rank such
pages. In order to be Google friendly we need to
place outbound links in the footer. Eventually
readers will hardly notice and Google will be
satisfied that their readers are not locked.
Placing Images within the sidebar:
I know you are interested in showing off your
sidebar with several images. However I have
personally noticed that placing a single product
image gets higher CTR rather than multiple images.
I recommend a single product image, opt in form
and recent posts within the sidebar for best results
and nothing more. Moreover, this will have lesser
outbound links from your homepage.
Avoid the ‘Buy This’ tactic:
After writing an excellent review in the end you
want a call to action. The traditional school of
conversion says that you need to add ‘buy this’.
However traditional methods never work every
time. Instead of using ‘buy this’ try saying ‘more
info ’. This way readers aren’t forced to buy which
increases conversion.
Simplicity is the way of conversion. Keep it simple
and you will be amazed at the amount of conversion
taking place.

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