Naija Jokes : Which Of The Following Jokes is Funnier?

Here are two Naija Jokes that are very funny
but one must surely be funnier than the
other. We want you to be our judge by taking
your time to read the two jokes below and
telling everyone which you think is funnier.
Naija Joke 1:
SHOPRITE Opens In Ibadan. Over 102,000
Residents Visited to either buy something or
watch. N35,000 Sales Recorded.
Then Ibadan girls are like:
“Ore mi, A mo ku Soppin oni O! Soppin A
Tuwa Lara O!” Then the other responded and
said “Amin ase edumare, a a se Soppin re ibi
giga o”
When they saw their friend, one of them said
“Hah Sukura, So o ti lo si Soprait? Aye oloba
la wa nje o… A ti lo se Soppin ilu eebo” =)):D
“e ba wa yo e ba wa jo o” =))
Like seriously?
Naija Joke 2:
1. Thank God for a brown new day!
2. My god is upsome!
3. Why are people so weekend? (coz they are
4. Not all dat glitters are goats! (goatn’t it!!??)
5. Majority carries the volt (volt ko!?
transformer ni?)
6. May your name be highly exhausted!
7. My waste is painingme!
8. Thank God for spearing my life (with arrow
abi with dagger?)
9. What is strong with you? (strong kor..
decoder ni)
10. Lord! you are the killer dat holds my life!
11. Pls, how much is ur age? (na 22naira o!)
12. Look to the window, the principal just
passed away (na you kill am abi?)
13. I am not priding pls
14. Lord let ur wheel be done…(God’
wheelbarrow spoil b4?)
Dont ask me why the two Naija Jokes are
about Ibadan babes. I dunno too o! Apologies
if you can’t read the Yoruba in it. Really
Now that you have read our 2 Naija Jokes,
which is funnier. Please, tell us by replying to
this post using the comment box below.
Thank you!

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