How to Get a Girl to Like You - 5 Ways to Get a Girl

1. First Sight Attraction Between Men and Women
I read somewhere that men and women have a primal attraction to
one another. What this means is that, just as you notice a beautiful girl
walking towards you, she on the other hand would have noticed you as
well. If you have any attributes that she considers positive, then she
will give you that flitting look.
I call it flitting because girls will never want to seem like they were
interested in you in the first place. It's always the man's job to please,
treat, entertain and woo. Don't expect any less. But at least you have
your signal; the rest depends on how well you can build your case to
date her. There are several ways that you can get that date from a girl,
but I must say that both of you may need to be meeting in a certain
way, be it in church, school, college, or even regularly as you
commute to work. The more you have previously seen each other, the
more she feels she can trust you.
2. Never Make Excuses For Manly Needs When Asking Her Out
One of the things that make us loose that date with gorgeous women is
trying to apologize for our desire to take them out. When you want to
ask a girl out, be direct and to the point. Any other way just makes it
longer, makes you sweat more in your armpits and lose your
confidence and initial advantage. I mean there is simply nothing to
apologize for in asking a girl out.
In any case she probably gets 3-10 such requests a day. The worst that
can happen to you is she says no; and guess what? We all have had our
own shares of nos from beautiful girls. So one more won't kill you,
man. Be direct and never apologize. Try and be warm and friendly
while at the same time being equally direct in what you want. If it's a
date; then that's small talk that just makes you more the
3. Accept Failures and Move On-More Fishes Where That One
Came From
No matter how much literature you read on dating women, none will
ever have 100% guarantee of success. Human behavior is
unpredictable and highly varies. For some cases these ideas work like
magic, for some they backfire... big time. The strength to move on
after a girl rejects you, will be your biggest advantage in being able to
approach the next with equal confidence as you did the last.
Remember for a man, rejection is part of the dating game. And guess
what? There is nowhere written that the girl you want to get to bed
will necessarily like your guts. But you never know until you try... do
you now?
4. Have Confidence And Portray Power
Women are created in such a way that they have the upper hand in
choice of who they date or go to bed with. Trust me men have nothing
to do with it. As men, we will see a beautiful chic and decide to go
after her. But we know too well that the chase could end up in either a
yes or a no. Now who says the No? Is it not the girl? Yes, men have
nothing to do with it. Now since women do the choosing, they
definitely look for some character traits in a man.
One of these are power and confidence. That's why the football players
will usually get laid every weekend by the most beautiful girls, as you
struggle to get the Friday Nancy in your college, work place or social
club. The reason is that the football player, because of his perceived
high social standing, gets their confidence built with every girl laid
they think they wield lots of power. And all the girls come rushing in.
5. Self-Respect From Your Confidence
You will need to improve on your self confidence issues. Self
confidence shows that you have self respect and would more likely
have respect for the girl. Listen to this, one of the words that can
make a girl like you more is the word NO. Saying no to her when, say
she does not treat you right actually shows her you have power over
her. Let's face it; all girls are looking for a man to take care and
control them or a man that they can never hope to control. Whimps
loose out here.

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