UK Scraps £3000 Bond From Nigerian Visitors

Plans by the UK government to make visitors from ‘high risk’ countries pay a £3,000 bond before they are allowed into the UK has been abandoned. According to reports, it was UK's Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg who originally trailed the idea of asking people seeking an entry visa to deposit a bond, but he suggested it as an option open to visitors planning a short visit for a special occasion who wanted their visa applications fast tracked. Instead, the Home Secretary Theresa May proposed that all visitors from five countries – India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Ghana – seeking six month visas should pay £3,000 in cash before their arrival in the UK. The money would be returned if they left before their visa expired, but confiscated if they overstayed. The visa bond scheme was announced by Home Secretary Theresa May in June and was set to be introduced this month. But the government has announced they are cancelling the scheme.
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