Woman rescued from drowning over N500

There was pandemonium, yesterday, in Awka
when a middle-aged woman escaped death at Ezu
River, where over 23 mystery corpses were found few
months ago.
The woman, Ms. Peace Nnabuife, from Ezeoye, Nibo in
Awka South Local Government of the state, had
entered the river on a “spiritual journey” when she
suddenly slipped and almost drowned.
Some young men, using canoe, were said to have gone
to the river bank to perform some sacrifices when they
saw the drowning woman and helped her.
They were leaving when her N500 fell into the river.
She went for the money and got swept off by the river.
Roots of trees were said to have stopped her from
being taken away by the river.
She said: “I came here so that Ezu River will carry me to
Nibo. We travel through rivers to our meeting place in
the depth of the river, where our queen’s kingdom is.
“I came with cellophane bag and I had N500 in it. The
N500 fell into the river as the water carried me.”
Asked where she was going for the meeting, she said,
“we hold our meetings at Ezu Agulu and I am still in the
junior category.”

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