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Have you or has someone you know embraced the web and Google’s tools? Has it transformed your life, your passion or your business? Do you have your own inspiring web story? Google, through Africa Connected would love to hear from you. Google is searching for the most inspiring and amazing stories of how the web and Google have played a pivotal role in transforming lives in Africa. Write an Inspiring Story to showcase your achievement through for a chance to win $25,000. The five most inspiring stories stand a chance to win prizes of $25,000 each, and the winners will also have the opportunity to work with a Google champion to help them make their venture even more awesome. Whether you’re a photographer, an entrepreneur, a fashion designer or a community activist, this is an opportunity to share your story with the world. Categories for contest entries include: Education, Entertainment/Arts/Sports, Technology, Community and NGOs, Small Business, 20 semi-finalists will be selected to take part in an interview and to produce a short promotional video. A judging panel made up of Googlers and external judges will then determine the 10 finalists. Even if you do not yet have a story to share, you can learn more about the web and Google through the Africa Connected platform. We're looking forward to showcasing your amazing web success story! Submissions are open from August 27, 2013 to October 31st, 2013. The competition will run until February 2014 when the winners will be announced.
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