Windows 8. 1 Release Date Pegged for October

Microsoft' s upcoming Windows 8 .1 update , previously called Windows Blue, will be released in October. The software giant 's one size fits all OS will receive an update to version 8 .1 in October, a year after it was first unveiled. Sources have confirmed the Windows 8 .1 released date with both ZDnet and The Verge. Microsoft had previously confirmed that Windows 8. 1 would reach the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage by the end of August , but gave no further details on when the new software would reach users. Beyond this, it has only said device running Windows 8 .1 would arrive 'just in time for the holidays' and that existing Windows 8 users would get a free update ' later this year' via the Windows Store. "The new word , Microsoft is going to hold off on making available the final Windows 8 .1 bits until mid- October 2013 or so . That will be both the general availability date, as well as the " launch" date when new hardware running those bits will be available. " said ZDNet. Although that means a bit of a gap between RTM and general release, it is at least a timely update. One year compared to the three year gap between Windows 7 and Windows 8 . Windows 8 .1 brings a few changes to the OS including more customization , more Live Tile sizes, better multi- tasking and , in a way , the return of the Start Button (another way of getting to the Start Screen) . Windows 8 .1 is a refinement of Windows 8 , not a revolution. It tweaks a few things , adds a few requested features and options and introduces a redesigned Store and a couple of new apps . It doesn ’t change the fact that Windows 8 is still an operating system of two halves. It ’s less jarring when you enable all the options on the new Navigation tab , but it ’s essentially a spit and polish job. The fact remains that Windows 8 is a fast , stable OS that can be used just like Windows 7 on a PC or laptop.
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