Where Adele Will Make Her Film Acting Debut

Adele is no stranger to a production set. She had a minor cameo on the television series “Ugly Betty” in 2009, but this will be that on steroids. Apparently Adele was exactly what director Matthew Vaughn (X- Men: First Class and Layer Cake) wanted from the get- go, according to a source for The Sun , and that it’s rumored to be a “bag girl” character. There isn’t much known about the role she’ll be slipping into beyond that or the film itself. As for what to expect, it’s a British spy flick called Secret Service, based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar, creator of the Kick-Ass comics. Yeah, it’s real legit. As exhibited in all the acceptance speeches she gave while sweeping the awards season with her radio singles and the song “Skyfall” this past year, Adele has more than enough spunk to channel into a scripted character.
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