So Flavour still doesn’t like to wear shirts… and 4 other things SK Johnson learnt from the ‘Ada Ada’ video

The latest video to hit the Nigerian music scene
comes from Flavour and is in support of his
latest single “Ada Ada.” The visual (which is
quite splendid, by the way) was released 3
days ago and along with it came a myriad of
lessons for the viewer, the top 5 of which we
present to you below.
1. Flavour still isn’t a fan of shirts.
Has Flavour ever released a music video in
which he was fully clothed throughout? That’s
doubtful, and if anybody was hoping this
would be the first one, well, you thought
wrong. At this point the only logical conclusion
is that there’s some special piece of equipment
always present on Flavour’s video shoot sets,
which generates so much heat he has no
choice but to take off his shirt and cool off.
2. Clarence Peters is still everywhere.
I’d hate to be a Clarence Peters hater because
I imagine I would have killed myself by now if
that were the case, what with his name being
everywhere I turn, and all. I don’t even want
to imagine what his schedule looks like. The
director’s work rate is nothing short of prolific
and it’s pretty clear his ubiquitous presence in
the Nigerian music industry is not letting up
3. When Flavour wants to sing, nothing else
Clearly Flavour’s desire to sing trumps
anything else other inferior mortals might want
to do, or be doing already. Why else would he
be in a room, singing as a man is talking on
the phone to the woman he’s about to marry?
4. Celebrity cameos are the new strobe lights.
Good news, photosensitive epileptics out there;
you no longer have to live in fear of a Nigerian
music video coming on screen and sending you
into a fit due to an excessive use of flashing
lights. Those have since been tossed to the side
of the trend-tracks to make room for the
celebrity cameos without which no Nigerian
music video is complete today. Thankfully
those aren’t a health hazard to anyone. So we
hope, at least.
5. Flavour’s eyes are very sensitive.
So sensitive, in fact, that he has to wear
shades at night, in the middle of a forest.
Here’s hoping he finds an optician who can
help him correct the problem.

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