PDP blasts Tinubu over market women leader

ABUJA—NATIONAL leadership of Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday, described
the national leader of Action Congress of
Nigeria, ACN, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as a despot
for imposing his daughter, Mrs. Folashade
Tinubu-Ojo, as President-General of the
Association of Nigerian Market Women and
The party said Folashade Tinubu-Ojo was not a
full-time trader and cannot on that note
succeed Tinubu’s mother, late Alhaja Abibat
In a statement, yesterday, by PDP’s Acting
National Publicity Secretary, Tony Caesar
Okeke, the party also lampooned the
leadership of ACN for asking President
Goodluck Jonathan to probe reports that
security operatives prevented Rivers State
governor, Chibuike Amaechi, from personally
exchanging pleasantries with him at a dinner at
the Presidential villa last Wednesday.
Okeke described the demand by the ACN as
“irresponsible, meddlesomeness and foolish
He said ACN and its co-traveller, Congress for
Progressive Change, CPC, were merely
embittered by the reconciliations in the PDP
and were, as such, crying wolf where there was
Stating that such protocol issues were
understood by all, PDP said ACN and CPC had,
over time, showed that they were quarrelsome
parties which derived pleasure in causing
disaffection among Nigerians.
He said: “The ACN and the CPC are merely
embittered by the reconciliations so far
achieved in the PDP and seek to use all means
to undermine it. That is why they are crying
wolf where there is none. Protocol issues are
understood all over the world. Therefore the
demand by the ACN smacks of irresponsible
meddlesomeness and foolish scandal-
mongering aimed at causing disaffection
among our leaders and party members.”
The party said President Goodluck Jonathan had
a good relationship with all state governors,
including that of Rivers State, and commended
him for the reconciliations so far achieved in
the PDP.
On Tinubu, the PDP said the ACN leader, “who
parades himself as a democrat” has clearly
shown his despotic tendencies, with the
installation of his daughter as the leader of
traders without recourse to democratic
processes. Nigerians have clearly seen that the
so-called democrats and self-styled messiahs in
the ACN are, indeed, wolves in sheep’s skins.”

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