Oh, so seductive...

Feed him: Get your man to close his eyes
while you pop treats like mango slices or a
decadent spoonful of chocolate mousse into
his mouth. Suck on an orange for a sweet,
citrus-flavoured smooch that will leave him
hungry for more.
Flatter him: Appeal to his ego by praising
him to the skies. "You've got the most
gorgeous chest I've ever seen" usually goes
down well. Expand by adding how safe,
weak-kneed or horny he makes you feel.
This will increase his confidence.
Ear-otic starter: Place your lips close to his
ear and release a slow, tantalising sigh. Then
take his earlobe between your lips and
gently tug. Awakening this new erogenous
zone will send sexy shivers rippling
throughout his entire body.
Handy kiss: Place the tip of your tongue on
the webbed area at the base of his fingers,
then slowly slide your way up the side. This
move will give him goose-bumps. To really
drive him wild, gently suck the tip of his
finger between your lips.
The knee nuzzle: The backs of the knees
are especially sensitive, being full of nerve
endings close to the skin. For maximum
sensual impact, swivel your tongue along
the crease and then blow on the area. This
puff of air will cause the moisture to
evaporate, producing a thrilling hot-then-
cold sensation.
Thigh rise: If you want to get his mojo
rising long before you hit X-rated territory,
head for his inner thigh. Starting right
above his knee, plant a light-as-a-feather
kiss there, then work your way up,
increasing the pressure of your lips on his
skin the further you go.
The happy hummer: Letting loose a sensual
moan while putting your mouth to work on
his sensitive inner thigh not only sounds
sexy, it can also create a new, addictive
sensation. Lower pitches create slower
vibrations; higher pitches, faster ones.
Hot lips: Sip from a cup of hot coffee or
tea, then press your hot lips to whichever
sensitive part of his body is available. You
can also alternate with an icy kiss from a
cold drink on hot summer nights.
The tummy tempter: Between your man's
navel and his nether region lies a strip of
hair known as the "treasure trail", so named
because of its sensitivity. Want to show him
just how prizeworthy this trail really is?
Starting right below his navel, take some
strands between your lips and pull gently.
The pinpricks of slight pain will send jolts of
electricity that register below the belt. Plus,
the downward direction you're heading in
will make his imagination run wild with hot
and heavy possibilities.
The spine-chiller: If he enjoys back
massages (and c'mon, who doesn't?), he'll
love this no-hands variety. Straddle him as
he lies on his stomach, then press your
mouth firmly into the nape of his neck.
Point your tongue and probe the grooves on
each side of his vertebrae, slowly working
your way down to his tailbone. When you
use your lips instead of your hands, your
massage instantly goes from relaxing to
racy. Stimulate his sacrum (the little triangle
below the small of his back, where his
buttocks start). A feather-like stroke here
will activate the nerve endings up his spine
and elsewhere.
Go for the jugular: The crease between a
man's chin and his Adam's apple is an
erogenous zone that's often overlooked.
Gently kiss, lick and nibble this extra-
sensitive spot to have him purring with
Awaken his wild side: Get a set of
ridiculously long press-on fingernails and
delicately run them over his chest. They'll
make you look like a minx, and the teasing-
tickling sensation will stimulate him onto
greater things.
Launch sneak attacks: Slip your hands up
his shirt while he's watching TV, or touch his
inner thigh while you're sitting in the back
of a taxi or at the movies. The element of
surprise helps make sex more exciting,
which makes you want to do it more often.
The main (inter)course
Be pushy: Bearing down or pushing out
with your pelvic muscles may also register
some shared rumblings on your respective
Richter scales. Why? It'll force your G-spot
the extra-sensitive area along the front wall
of your vagina into some pleasure-inducing
pressure against his penis, which is one of
the best ways to induce a vaginal orgasm.
Top this: If being on top gets you in the
groove, make things even groovier by sliding
your legs down so you're straddling his
thighs rather than his torso. Arch your back
so you're nearly perpendicular to the bed;
the arc shape of your body will put
maximum pressure on your clitoral area.
This way you can control how deep the
intercourse is and how fast you move.
Also, when you're on top of him, raise your
knees, plant your feet on the bed and move
up and down rather than back and forth.
Not only will this take-charge pose make
him think you're a sex goddess, but he'll get
an incredible view of the action.
Say it: Not a big talker in bed? All you really
need are these four words: "faster",
"slower", "harder" and "softer". Double the
sexual power of these demands by following
them with a heartfelt "Mmmm!" or "Yes!
Yes! Yes!", to indicate he's right on target.
Alternate: Want to send shock waves to
body parts he didn't know he had? Make
him start with nine quick, shallow thrusts,
then do one slow, deep thrust followed by
eight shallow thrusts, then two deep ones
followed by seven shallow ones, and so on,
until he reaches nine deep thrusts. Repeat.
Mixing deep and shallow thrusts will
stimulate both of you. Plus, there's an
element of teasing that can be a turn-on.
Wait to exhale: Women tend to hold their
breath as their excitement mounts but if
you breathe deeply, especially as you
climax, you'll bring oxygen-rich blood to all
parts of your body, making your skin more
sensitive to his touch. Learning to breathe
with your partner can take intimacy to new
Experiment with your own breathing, too.
Try to exhale slowly while climaxing to make
the orgasm seem to last a few seconds
longer. A moan or groan will serve the same
purpose, so let it all out. Be expressive.
Exercise restraints: If he's willing to play,
tie his hands to the bedpost with a couple
of scarves, smother your hands with baby
oil and start to stroke his hot rod very
Show your appreciation: After a night of
passionate sex, write down the things he did
that you liked most. Then slip the list into
his pocket to remind him how much he
rocked your world.
Awaken his senses: Wear a new perfume
for your next close encounter; then,
afterwards, spray it on something he takes
to work. The scent will jog his memory and
make him hot for you all over again.

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