Making Love To One Spouse For The Rest Of Your Life

A desired marriage is not complete without adequate
plan for better and fulfilled sex life. It remains a potent
tool to forge lasting relationships among couples and a
good one, no doubt, will certainly help prepare you to
face challenges in marriage.
For couples whose sex life has taken a dip, they can
still make love for the rest of their life and still love it.
The major tool is rediscovering opportunities to revive
the magic that once kept your hearts fluttering with
joy. The funny update is that great sex is still
Think of how you can make it hot; don’t undermine
the fact that the hotter the passion, the better it is.
There are different ways to tell your partner how much
you enjoy sleeping with him or her. Sometimes, the
way you talk about it or demand for it; the way you
respond to your partner’s advances or the things you
do to your body in order to look good, could go a long
way into keeping the passion in your relationship hot
and sizzling.
When there is a mutual desire to jump into each
other’s arms, couple would always be willing to go the
extra mile to have best of it. Flirting with your spouse
will spice up your desire. If you are the wife, you
should form a habit of flirting with your husband at all
the time. When you put on your alluring airs, you are
indirectly telling your husband that you are always
interested in his sexual prowess; men often react
positively to this kind of attitude.
The looks you give your spouse speaks volumes and
seductive glances generate sexual energy. Seductive
attire, dressing to kill get your husband fired up
sexually, even though he may pretend initially not to
notice. Any woman that is serious about making love
to the same man for the rest of her life and still love it
ought to keep a sexy kit handy and make sure that all
the items are available anytime, anywhere and at
strategic points in the car, kitchen, and bedsides.
Men are habitually under sexual pressure; it does not
matter whether you are newlywed, nursing mother, or
menopausal bride. What matters is that you must treat
the nuptial bed like a bona fide business or make it
one. You can even be a little mysterious sexually. The
fact is that if a wife arouses her husband’s curiosity, it
is guaranteed that the man will always be back against
all odds. Statistically, an average man gets bored easily
sexually. Voice your sexual fantasy and experiment it
on him.
Husbands, turn your wife into your idea 'girl'. Men
have a catalogue of sexual imaginations and the best
way to relive these scenarios is to share it with their
wives. Ask your wife of the possibilities of
experimentation with good dividend. Experts say all
living beings have sexual fantasies, in which an
individual imagines himself enjoying erotic moments
with his or her spouse in strange places at strange
times with strange posture and positions. Sharing
sexual fantasies with your partner is a way of
heightening and intensifying erotic potential by
showing your spouse possibilities that he or she has
never considered before. In turn, this will open the
door to a lifetime of sexual ecstasy.
Most times, spouses underestimate how powerful they
become if they can fulfil their partner’s unrequited
fantasy. The point is that if your partner has been
dreaming about something all of his/her life and then
you help make it a reality for him, the chances are that
you will definitely inspire him to display incredible
loyalty and devotion to you. The advantage of these
fantasies is that they give room to assertiveness,
unpredictability and an impulsiveness that creates fun,
excitement and expectations; which in turn eliminates
boredom. Before you know it, you are actually making
love to the same spouse and loving it.
Make giving your spouse great sex a priority. This is
like pledging your eternal allegiance to him or her.
Although most men dislike longish foreplay, when you
are aware of the fact that control is essential during
lovemaking and that most women think wonderful sex
should be full of slow foreplay, you just got yourself a
sex life partner. Remember that the best sex lasts
between thirteen and twenty five minutes. According
to a study published in a journal, medical researchers
who surveyed people bedroom preferences says two to
five minutes is too short, seven to twenty minutes is
acceptable and 30 minutes and above may be
unattainable by some.

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