How To Create Powerful Offers That Will Drive Your Sales Through The Roof

What Does A Mafia Boss Know About
Lots. Read on to find out…
Do you remember in the movie “The
Godfather” when Don Corleone says, “I’m
gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”? And
it’s this simple concept that’s the backbone of
any successful sales proposition you make.
(However if I were you, I’d probably leave out
the threats of violence in your sales piece.)
From now on, your job is to create such
powerful offers that anyone reading it would
say to themselves, “My goodness, I’d have to
be a complete idiot not to take them up on
this deal!”
And creating a powerful offer like this is easier
than you think.
Let me share with you one of the most
compelling offers I’ve seen. It took a dying
hotel on the wrong side of the Vegas ’strip’,
where you had to watch your wallet at every
turn, and transformed it into a super
moneymaker. This is from a very successful ad
that used to run for Bob Stupak’s Vegas World
hotel. Listen to this deal and see if you
wouldn’t act on this even if you were just an
occasional gambler:
“Act now, to receive a virtually free Las Vegas
vacation. For $198 per person or $396 per
couple I will:
1) Put you up in a luxurious mini suite in an
exciting Las Vegas hotel right on the famous
2) I will give you free tickets to a show with
name entertainers.
3) I will put a chilled bottle of champagne in
your room for free.
4) I’ll let you drink as much as want for free,
whether you’re at the gaming tables, playing
slots or in one of the lounges.
5) I’ll hand you $1,000 of my money to
gamble with for free.
6) I’ll let you keep all your winnings.
7) I’ll guarantee you’ll win a color TV, VCR or a
faux diamond ring.
Obviously I’m not going to give this incredible
deal to everybody in the whole world. There
can only be (small number) of these vacation
packages available. First come, first served.”
If that’s not an irresistible offer, I don’t what
is. The closer you can get to something like
this, the more customers you’ll have falling all
over themselves to give you their money.
Does this give you a few ideas?
Using The Bonus Pile On
Vegas World’s offer uses a concept I call
“Bonus Pile On”. And the way it works is to
keep piling on bonus after bonus until finally
you have to say “no mas” and whip out your
charge card.
It was the same thing with the famous Ginsu
knife commercials a few years back. They used
this technique perfectly to sell millions of
dollars of cutlery. The announcer would say
“And if you act now you’ll also get…” and then
about 15 different knives and kitchen gadgets
would pop up on the screen.
It made you think about how much value you
were getting for such a little price. That’s the
power of the “bonus pile on”.
So what’s the best way to start using this in
your business? Well, one of the best ways I
know is using paper and ink. You can give away
a series of valuable reports with any purchase.
What’s more, you could even make this
information available as a download from your
website so you’d have zero distribution cost.
Or you could make deals with other businesses
where they’d let you give away a product or
service from them to your customers. If you
really use your imagination here you’ll come
up with lots of ways to create a “bonus pile
Make Prospects Take Action Now!
There’s no doubt about it – deep down,
everyone of us is a lazy procrastinator. That’s
why you need some kind of deadline or
scarcity factor to make prospects take action
now. If your prospects believe an offer is
going to be around forever, there’s no reason
to take action.
That’s the reason deadlines work so well. In
one of my businesses, I’ll stamp a red deadline
on the order form for the last day prospects
get over $2,000.00 in free bonuses. And
believe me, it’s not unusual to get people
ordering right on the very last day of the
deadline just because of this stamp.
100% No-Risk Guarantee
Finally, the last component of a powerful offer
is to make your deal as risk-free as possible.
Nobody wants to make a mistake and be stuck
with something that doesn’t deliver as
promised. That’s why you should make every
effort to lift the risk from the prospect and
place it squarely on your shoulders.
Make a bold guarantee and make it for as long
as possible. If you have a quality product, you
shouldn’t worry because most often return
rates will drop the longer you extend
guarantees for.
Another strategy to try is offering a 30-day
“hold-your-check or charge slip” trial. That
means people will send you checks postdated
30 days out or you won’t charge their credit
cards for 30 days. Joe Karbo used this to sell
tens of thousands of copies of his book “The
Lazy Man’s Ways to Riches”.
Now you have all the keys to creating your
own irresistible offer and watching your sales
soar. Just keep adding value and more bonuses
until you come up with an offer than makes
your prospect feel guilty for not ordering.
Yanik Silver

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