GIST OF THE DAY:Ben Carson Joins Washington Times as Columnist

'There are so many issues that need to be
discussed,' says the retired neurosurgeon
In other conservative celebrity news, of a sort,
the doctor-turned-brief-pundit Ben Carson is
joining the right-leaning Washington Times as
a weekly columnist, reports Politico.
The retired neurosurgeon and Presidential
Medal of Freedom recipient, who rose to fame
after his National Prayer Breakfast speech in
which he criticized the nation's debt load and
knocked "political correctness," will pen a
column for the paper every Wednesday. WT 's
CEO, Larry Beasley, calls Carson one of the
"freshest and most powerful voices in the
conservative movement." Carson himself is
probably inclined to agree:
"I am delighted to be joining the distinguished
group of columnists at The Washington Times,"
said Carson. "There are so many issues that
impact on our success and unity as a nation
that need to be discussed."

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