GIST OF THE DAY:A Life Changing Experience

A few years ago there were three girls Samantha, Madeline and Niki. A few days ago we just found out that the won three aeroplane tickets to go to Madagascar we are so excited because the plane is leaving in two days.
When we got to the airport it was heavily raining but the polite thought it was alright to take off so we did. The polite announced that were in for thunderstorms and lightning when we reach
Madagascar it will be 9pm so make sure you have got a taxi to take you were you need to go. About 16 hours after takeoff we were almost there but then a lightning bolt hit the first engine and the plane went down. Alot of terrifying thoughts went through my head and then the plane crashed, it was a very violent crash every were we looked there was dead people, about 183 people It was horrifying. Madeline and I were scared but we had a few cuts.
On the other side of the plane there was Niki. Her leg it looked terrible her blood was just flowing down, she was crying in pain.
The remaining seventeen of us made a camp fire and huddled around it. Whilst everyone was asleep and Madeline and I could not we were just thinking what happens if we die out here in the middle of no were what would our parents do? At last we got to sleep. When they woke up we went to see Niki in her bed she was just laying the her leg was still bleeding and she was dying. Unfortunately for Niki we had to leave her behind with the doctor that was going on a business trip to Madagascar to cure about 5,000 people from some horrible bats that had bitten them.

So off Madeline and I went we took a tent that had been supplied in case of an emergency in the bush. It became night we made a camp fire and set up our tent we were confident that they were going to get out of here alive. The next day was just the same as the last we had no clue where we were going we started to lose hope because they were so hungry and thirsty. They didn’t know how much longer they could survive, because we had been out here for 47days we were about to die at one stage. The next days were the hardest for us I was very ill with a snake bite and Madeline was suffering from a broken leg.
Our lives had changed forever but even if we get rescued we still would be shaking from the terrifying experience. But the strange thing is the girls disappeared never to be seen again. I don’t know the rest of the story because this is all that Samantha had written in her diary. But I think that there still alive. What do you think?
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