GIST OF THE DAY: How Big Girls Are Operating High Class Prostitution In Abuja

Even after the ban by the fct Minister, Bala
Mohammed, who gave prostitutes an ultimatum
to leave Nigeria's capital or face the wrath of
the law, investigation has shown that there are
more patronage as it has taken a new guise in
the zone 4 area and the Utako-Jabi axis.
Below is the revealing report by Anthony Ada
Young and beautiful, some skinny while others
are fleshy, walking in skimpy clothing waving at
cars to come access their product. Eyes bright
like the morning dew, but red for cash.
They are known as sharp girls while others call
them ‘mamas.’
They are everywhere in the country especially
the FCT. They are no ghosts they are known as
‘Ashawo’ or prostitutes. The so called ban on
prostitution has little or no effect as the market
has continued to boom with patronage from all
The minister of the Federal Capital Territory,
Senator Bala Mohammed who decried the
steady rise in the population of prostitutes in
Abuja, once noted that they constitute a
nuisance as their services add no value to the
beauty of the city ordering the FCT Special Task
Force to arrest and prosecute them.
Also, men who patronise the girls were warned
to desist from the act as anyone caught would
be treated like the prostitutes.
but all those warnings seem to be discarded as
they continue to buy the commodity with
reckless abandoned.
Utako-Eden Garden
When you hear the name ‘Eden’, it is ironical to
the Biblical meaning which is supposed to
house the most precious atmosphere. Though
the Eden in question is one of the most
beautiful gardens in Abuja where you could get
anything you want for relaxation.
It is a place where you enjoy life band, suya,
shawama, fish, drinks(alcohol and soft). Also
games like table tennis, snooker and so on are
available for leisure.
Upcoming artistes are given the opportunity to
showcase their talents on stage and patrons aid
them with cash when a performance is
The garden which is situated in a splendid
location receives patronage from all over.
Prostitutes around Eden garden:
Last Sunday night, when our reporter was at 3js
hotel at a popular comedy show known as
Comedy Assembly, he was strolling around the
area, trying to experience first-hand activities.
Though there are about five hotels located in
that axis, the girls love to stay behind the
garden with their sexy skimpy skirts.
“Catch am catch am!” One of the girls shouted,
though at first, it looked like the task force were
on hand to sweep them but a bus parked there
was an ice cream company bus.
When our reporter moved closer to eavesdrop,
the following conversation ensued.
“Ngozi no let am go, na so these aboki boys go
dey touch us for breast, and bottom. Hold am.”
One of the boys was seen running while an
average height lady wearing a tight gown with
stripes was holding a long stick in front of the
other guy, an Hausa boy who was over powered
by the girls numbering about 15, asking him “
abi na touch you wan touch, you go tire,’ about
four cars were parked negotiating with some
other girls who were busy shaking their
(backside) showing their patrons that their
product is still intact.
Though attention easily faded away from the
boy as what they came out to do is yielding
When asked the situation and why he should
have the guts to touch their “privacy,” the
confused looking young man who spoke in
Hausa, swore they were passing by when they
mobbed them, but the “Ngozi” who
understands Hausa shouted him down, while
our reporter stood watching the drama.
After all the confusion, the young man who
later said he was Abu, left while they lined up
again waiting for customers.
At this time, about eight cars came around and
picked the girls. These cars were flashy and not
the normal little ones.
Prostitutes around Zone 4:
The situation at Zone 4 has taken another
shape as the girls now disguise themselves like
‘Hajiya’, putting on hijab or wearing native
clothes waiting for someone to call on them.
But it seems their patrons now identify them
easily because when they stroll around, you see
them as if they are waiting for a cab but all is
a diversionary method to confuse any security
group from arresting them.
At Jabi Masalachi:
They are like ‘kobo-kobo,’not the usual ones
who live in big houses, drive luxury cars, they
are the type you go for ‘sharp sharp’ and
whenever you want, you just stroll there and
pay for their time. They are very young, older
ladies but are not the big type.
A patron who resides in Lugbe but spoke on
anonymity argued that since the ban given to
the girls, they have increased their charges to
between N4,000 and N6,000 per night stating
that they now increased their price to between
N10,000 to N15,000.
While another said “at least it will reduce the
patronage because not everyone can afford such
The believe is that the agency responsible for
bringing this so called business to a halt
should channel properly, resources set aside to
help offenders for a proper rehabilitation.

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