GIST OF THE DAY: Exposed: True Story of The Madness Going On In Rivers State [PLUS VIDEO]

It took us about two days but reporters
has finally got to the real gist of the show of
shame playing out in the political arena in Port
Harcourt, capital of Rivers State.
First fact is that, the man who wanted to
impose himself on the Assembly as Speaker with
just four members in his support, Hon. Evans
Bapakaye Bipi, is doing so to please President
Goodluck Jonathan and First Lady Patience
Jonathan, who he described as "my mother".
[See The Latest VIDEO HERE]
The crisis degenerated after Hon Bipi and his
"thugs" [believed to be cultists by their
chants] beat up some Pro-Governor Rotimi
Amaechi members and started bragging about
it in public...
One of those that was attacked by Hon Bipi and
his thugs was Hon. Chidi Lloyd, the Majority
Leader of the State House of Assembly.
Reporters gathered that Hon Lloyd was
angry that one of the men who attacked him
along with Hon Bipi's thugs was his "brother", a
fellow Ikwerre lawmaker.
So when Hon Lloyd returned to the House of
Assembly and discovered that Hon Bipi had
brought in a fake mace to facilitate his
swearing-in as a factional speaker he grabbed
the fake mace and chase Hon Bipi and the
other four lawmakers.
He caught up with his fellow Ikwerre lawmaker
who had joined others to beat him up and he
mercilessly use the fake mace on his "brother"
as captured on tape.
As at Thursday July 11, 2013, sources on ground
told reporters that panic is still reigning
supreme in the state. Policemen launched
teargas canisters into Government House, even
affecting Governor Amaechi.
Also, soldiers attached to Amaechi have been
withdraw by "powers from above", and the
governor has cried out for his safety, saying his
life is in danger.

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