GIST OF THE DAY: Baby boy found dead, search for survivors after asylum seeker boat capsizes

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare has confirmed
the body of a baby boy has been recovered
from a capsized asylum-seeker boat rescued
overnight, as the search continues for eight
people who remain missing in seas north of
Christmas Island.
Three Australian customs officers were on board
the boat when it was swamped by a large wave
about 97 nautical miles north of Christmas
Island. The boy who died was less than one
year old, Mr Clare said.
A search is underway for those who have been
missing since the accident at about 10.27pm on
Friday night but a Customs spokesperson said
the officers were all rescued.
The Customs boat Triton, HMAS Bathurst and
Albany and the M/V Garden City were alongside
the troubled boat at the time that it flipped,
throwing about 97 asylum seekers into the
Mr Clare confirmed 88 people were rescued and
had been transferred to Christmas Island.
The Customs boats had arrived almost half an
hour earlier after distress calls were received
from the boat.
The Rescue Coordination Centre has issued an
alert asking all ships in the area to keep a
watch for any survivors.

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