Father sets himself on fire in front partner and child

A woman and her child stared helplessly as the
child’s father set himself on fire in front of
them yesterday in the Townspark housing
estate in Navan, Co Meath.
Children playing around are believed to have
witnessed the horrific event.
The incident took place at about 6.20pm
shortly after as Pat Dunne, 42, arrived his ex-
partner house and was heard shouting.
Suddenly eyewitness said he doused himself in
petrol and set himself on fire as his ex, Nikita
Campbell watching with her child.
According to reports, neighbours rushed to the
scene with water and towels to help but Dunne
died at the scene following what has been
described by a “personal tragedy”.
Campbell told the Herald, that she is
“distraught” and “shaken”.
“We are trying to get through this. We are
distraught, shaken… I have the kids to think
about,” she said.
“He came to the garden and was screaming…
It’s a difficult time,” she said.
Herald reports:
Neighbours who heard the commotion ran
out and poured buckets of water over the
man in an attempt to put out the flames.
There were a number of children out playing
in the estate at the time, while others
watched the scenes unfold from their
One local mother said she tried to save Mr
Dunne by pouring water and placing towels
on him.
“It was the most shocking thing I’ve ever
seen. I ran so fast over to him after being
told he was on fire.
“Other neighbours came out and we poured
buckets of water over him. But he was gone
within seconds, the petrol just destroyed his
face and body.
“The fire brigade and ambulance came and
we knew he was dead. It’s so sad to think
anyone could do that to themselves.”
He was rushed to hospital but died from
severe burns to his body.
Gardai described the incident as a “personal
The window of the front room of the property
had burn marks on it today.
A source told the Herald: “The man was
going through a very bad time and this
episode has shocked the area”.
Mr Dunne is originally from Kells.

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