END TIME!! Pastor arrested for selling drugs to bring people closer to God

A pastor claimed that drugs will bring people
closer to God, according to police reports.The
pastor from Fountain Hills, Arizona, was arrested
for allegedly dealing heroin, methamphetamine
and other drugs for what he considered for
spiritual purposes.Deputies are concerned that
some of his customers may have been children.
Mark Derksen, 63, a youth pastor who visited
nursing homes, told deputies that drugs brought
his customers "closer to God."
The pastor is a drug addict who had up to 30
clients per day routinely giving drugs away for
free to engage potential customers, according to
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The Sheriff's
Office initially suspected Derksen was selling drugs
after he received a warning two years ago. But we
did not have enough information to act on until
deputies said they bought drugs while undercover
from Derksen on Wednesday afternoon. The drug
deal led to a search warrant and police raids
found heroin, methamphetamine, Oxycontin and
weapons in his apartment, according to the local
TV station. Derksen was taken to a hospital for an
undisclosed reason.
But authorities have yet to locate Derksen’s
supplier, a local Arizona newspaper reported.
"This case is not over yet," Arpaio said. "My
warning to Fountain Hills, my hometown, is not
done yet." Despite Derksen’s Faith Mountain
Christian Church was closed down, he remained
active in the local religious community. Another
woman was arrested in the apartment for drugs
and outstanding warrants.

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