5 Ways to Make Women Run after You

Are you tired of running after women?
Learn how to make them to chase you
instead… read on
1. Become the Mr. Mystique
When you meet a woman or are introduced
to her, don't start off by telling her every
little detail about your childhood. Again,
build the mystery; don't tell her your name
until she asks you and offer no further
information until inquired. Harness the
power of 'maybe' when she alludes to future
plans or interests instead of gushing to
2. Don’t Rush
There’s no need to rush her, it’s better to
take it easy, get to know as much as you
can about her and eventually she would
also have the time to know a little about
you. If you are good, she knows already.
3. Refine your humor
Women look for humor, and it's a great
facade to hide behind. While she's laughing
uproariously, she's also plotting ways to
meet you more and get to know you better.
4. Make Her Anticipate
Every girl likes to be treated like a princess,
but the anticipation makes it better. Before
buying her roses, send her little texts like
"thinking of you" or "wish you were here"
so that she knows she's in your thoughts.
5. Play hard to get
Notice how the unattainable is the most
desirable. When things get into gear, play
hard to get by declining first advances and
invitations and don't pick up every call.
Take longer to reply to texts, making her
ache for you.

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