Don canvasses review of rape laws

A professor in the Department of Health
Promotion and Education, University of
Ibadan, Prof. Ademola Ajuwon, has called for
a review of laws on rape.
Ajuwon made the call while delivering an
inaugural lecture entitled, 'Adolescence: The
excitement, complexities and challenges' in
Ibadan on Friday.
He said, "The laws regarding rape should be
revised to recognise the fact that both males
and females are vulnerable to rape and
sexual violence.
"Although female adolescents are
disproportionately affected by sexual
coercion, both male and female should be
targets of intervention.
"However, boys need skills on how to resolve
conflicts through negotiations so that they
do not resort to violence and rape.
"There is a need for a revision of the laws
regarding conditions for proving rape. For
example, it is not in every case that there
will be an evidence of struggle because rape
takes place under duress in which use of
weapons are involved."
Noting that adolescents were more sexually
active and adventurous, he called for
parental intervention in shaping their
He also canvassed peer education in
preventing rape, HIV and other related vices.
He said, "Parents should play a proactive
role in the reproductive health education for
their children. Formal teaching and leading
by example are required to reinforce the
positive messages that will enable
adolescents to counter many of the rumours
that they receive from their peers.
"Rape is not an isolated event but occurs
after a series of other sexual coercive events
such as verbal insistence and assault."
He recommended the intervention of
government agencies in developing policies
and rules that would guide against sexual
exploitation of employees, apprentices and
hawkers among other groups.
This, he said, would reduce the incidence of
rape, physical, psychological and economic
exploitation in the society.

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