New 'Smartwatch' Revealed (PHOTO)

Omate Truesmart - a smartwatch with a built-in five megapixel camera - is set to go into production after hitting its crowdfunding target. The device raised more than $100,000 of pledges on fundraising site Kickstarter, guaranteeing it will get the cash. Another watch, Pebble, secured a record $10.2m via the funding site last year. Omate's achievement comes ahead of the much- anticipated launch of a smartwatch from Samsung. The South Korean firm has confirmed it is working on the product and has filed patents for possible designs. It has not announced when it will unveil the product, but its next scheduled event is at Berlin's Ifa consumer tech show in a fortnight's time. Unlike many of the smartwatches already on the market, Omate says the Truesmart can be fitted with a micro- Sim card to make use of its 3G chip.
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