Setting up for Success

When you set yourself up, you position for
For you to setup yourself you need to become
‘very conscious’ . Be conscious of your
thoughts, your actions, and your choices. I
mean you must be conscious about how
everything around you affects you. This
consciousness is not that which breads fear
and panic. It is simply meant to keep you
connected to let everything that happens to
you and around you benefit you. For every
man’s life will move in the direction of his
predominant thought. That you should not do
evil is not enough but think and act
purposefully to keep off and/or dispose evil.
Setting up yourself sets you for powerful
successful personality to reckon with.
Six Effective Ways of Establishing Set-up.
1. Put Passion and Determination. Every one stand
aside to let a determined person go by. By
using your determination to overcome
challenges, you’ll gain strength, gain awareness
and increase your capability. Grow some
passion and determination for success and put
some effort, gradually as it may seem...but
always do your best. Determination is the
unscrambling factor. But it is Passion that
drives determination.
TIP- You will have to find some areas you are
passionate about and grow your skills in those
areas through studies, training courses and the
practical application of knowledge and skill. By
this means you can find successful ways to
make money out of your passion, even though
it may not be your regular job.
2. Reinvent Yourself. The first time I heard
´reinvent yourself I became visibly afraid.
Here you will understand it better…so you
need not raise alarm. Reinventing one’s self
does not have to do with science or changing
our complexion or height. Reinvent is about
discovering and being flexible. It helps you to
manage change and reflect them to help you
succeed. You must be prepared to give up
something for another and seeing a new
approach to things, events through learning,
and research in choosing field.
3. Get Helped . As an still need an expert
advice and conduct a few tests run on your
ideas to develop them . Writers read other
authors books/piece ask for reviews/advice and
comments to help strengthen then. Mentorship
is a good example of getting helped and
helping others.
4. Update Yourself Regularly. As a personal
policy, in December 2012, I decided and
vowed to buy at least one book every month.
You must constantly be in the know (Dr
Enenche Paul puts it that stagnant water
stinks), and stagnant water does not only sticks
but breeds germs and diseases… (in the
spiritual germs and diseases are evil seeds).
You can’t afford to allow your brain to be
dormant and moribund. It is only by reading
that you can know a city too well without being
there physically. Resolve to listen to tapes,
read books etc that are very relevant to your
assignment, duty or passion. The difference
between you and anyone is knowledge not age.
Be Healthy Always. Look after your physical,
mental and emotional state. ‘Health is wealth’
they say is true. If you lose your health, you
lose it all. A healthy body, mind and soul
(emotions included) are vital to success.
“To prosper you must improve your brain
power; and nothing helps the brain more than
a healthy body. The race of to-day is only to
be won by those who will study to keep their
bodies in such good condition that their minds
are able and ready to sustain that high
pressure on memory and mind, which our
present fierce competition engenders. It is
health rather than strength that is now wanted.
Health is essentially the requirement of our
time to enable us to succeed in life. In all
modern occupations--from the nursery to the
school, from the school to the shop or world
beyond--the brain and nerve strain go on,
continuous, augmenting, and intensifying.
As a rule physical vigour is the condition of a
great career. Men who have been noted for
great firmness of character have usually been
strong and robust. As a rule it is the strong
physical man who carries weight and
What else is so grand as to stand on life's
threshold, fresh, young, hopeful, with a
consciousness of power equal to any
emergency,--a master of the situation? The
glory of a young man is his strength” And his
strength is in his God. (paraphrase mine).
Curled from ‘Iron Will’ By Orison Swett
Bottom Line
We are responsible for what we do, no matter
how we feel.

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