Reasons Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Advertise

Do you advertise your products and services?
I’m sure you do. If you don’t, you should not
be in business.
I’m going to assume you advertise. What I want
to do is find out the REASON why you
advertise. Are you advertising for the right or
wrong reasons? Let’s see where you belong.
Here are the reasons why people advertise.
1. To get results: sales, prospects, contacts
With this, when you place an advert, be it on
TV or in the papers, you are expecting instant
response. Let’s assume you are in the seminar
business and you put up a BIG seminar and
then spend BIG money promoting it. Except
you are an idiot, you will want people to
respond to your advert. You will want them to
pick up their phones to ask for more details.
You will want them to send you emails
signifying their interests. You will want them to
Pay For The Seminar!
That is called direct response advertising.
2. To create visibility and build a brand.
That is gaining a mind share so people always
have you in mind so when they need a product
like yours they come to you. Great for the long
If Samsung pays Chelsea millions of pounds so
they can have their names on Chelsea’s shirts,
Samsung is not expecting people that watch
Chelsea to go right out to the shopping malls
to buy Samsung electronics.
They are staying put in your mind so that when
you need electronics, you will think about
Recently in our sports betting business
(NairaBET) , we spent a million naira on carrier
bags, jotters and pens carrying our name and
logo. Were we expecting people that see it to
go and join NairaBET right away?
So why did we do it?
Because its good for gaining mind share for
future sales and of course because…
We Could Afford It!
My problem with this type of advertising is not
good if you have a small advertising budget.
Imagine if your entire advertising budget is
If you use this method, you will go broke
before seeing results.
3. Because everyone advertises so they
have to.
Some people don’t even have an idea why they
are advertising. Or should I say they have no
advertising goal. They started their business
and heard (or have always heard) that it is
normal to advertise so they take out money to
spend on the most enticing advertising
Such people are not meant to be in business.
They are better off getting a job.
4. To feel really cool with themselves
This is the silliest group of all.
They say things like…
“Did you see that ad on DSTV? That is our ad”
“Make sure you buy The Punch Newspaper
tomorrow. You will see our nice ad on page
“Don’t you think our ad is really really cool?”
Dumb! Dumb!! Dumb!!!
My Advice:
As a small business owner, go for number 1.
When you begin to make money, add the
Never do the other 2.

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