Omawumi Beat Journalist At Lagos Event

Like they say, you can take a pig out of the dirt,
but you can’t take the dirt out of the pig. It is also
true that a child destined to sleep on the floor,
even if he’s put on a waterbed, will always show
the trait that he’s not meant for such honour.
Maybe such can be used to described a female
singer, who was only fortunate to taste glamour,
but believes she would always remain her real self,
a ghetto girl. Or, how would you describe a lady,
who grew up like a normal village girl, but only
enjoyed a life of a celeb because luck smiled at
her, but now, she is forgetting how she worked,
suffered to climb to the top. Maybe she has
forgotten that a river that forgets its source will
surely dry up. Like they say, absolute power
corrupt a man, but this time, a woman too.
Enough of all these digression and now to the crux
of the matter.
According to information available to us,
Omowumi has allegedly shown again why she
might not be a good model to young girls. Recall
that she had a child out of wedlock, which some
parents have advised their wards, who were
earlier looking up to her, not to copy at all
because getting a child out of wedlock is against a
typical Nigerian culture. Now, she the Warri-born
singer-cum-actress was alleged to have attacked a
photo-journalist at an event held in Lagos.
While carrying out his lawful duty, the photo-
journalist, Adekola Bamigbala attempted to take
pictures of Omawumi, but little did he know that
danger was lurking for him, as the singer allegedly
pounced on him, snatched his big camera and
with it, dealt him with heavy strikes in the face in
quick succession, which gave Bamigbala a swollen
face. It was big and strange flashes, not from his
camera, but from his eyes, the journalist could

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