Human Skull Serving As Soap Dish Found In House Of Suspect

The case started with a search for a
suspect who was threatening the life of his
victim, saying that his life had been paid
for, and the victim would therefore need
to pay a ransom to redeem his life. But
the police were astounded when, in their
bid to arrest the suspect, they found the
skull of a human being serving as a soap
dish in his house.
The bizarre but true story occurred in
Ifon, in Ose Local Government area of
Ondo State recently.
Crime reports learnt that the suspect,
Aigbohai Jimoh (25) in connivance with his
partner in crime, Ikujeniya Yinka (26),
came up with an ingenuity that could be
fetching him cool cash with little stress.
He reportedly sent a text message to one
Samuel Afolayemi on June 21, demanding
a sum of N400,000.
His reason, someone had paid N1million
for Afolayemi to be eliminated but the
would-be victim’s response on phone
made him to have a second thought
because he sounded like a responsible
person. Afolayemi was said to have
reported the case to the Anti-Robbery
Squad in Ondo State Police Command,
where the Officer-in-Charge, Akin Adejobi,
a Superintendent of Police, asked him to
play along, while a team of operatives was
detailed to handle the case and arrest the
In the course of investigation, the SARS
team discovered that a similar message
had been sent to one David Arijoba around
March this year, and a sum of N800,000
was collected from him. The operatives
were told that the man decided to pay
when he noticed that the sender knew his
The man had told the police that anytime
he came to Ifon from his base in Port
Harcourt, he would receive text messages
telling him that he was being monitored.
Not only that, a threat letter was also
dropped in his house to show the
seriousness of his stalkers. He had to look
for the money by all means to save his
Furthermore, when Jimoh’s house was
searched by the police, a human skull
containing black soap was found and on
interrogation, the suspect said that he was
using the soap in the skull to bath daily.
He further stated that the charm was done
for him by an herbalist for wealth
purposes. Jimoh reportedly had a separate
room for the skull which was accessible to
him alone, before the police burst the
Immediately the herbalist learnt of the
discovery and Jimoh’s arrest, he was said
to have abandoned his house and had
been on the run since...

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