Death penalty: Oshiomhole acted within the law –Rotimi-Williams

Despite persistent criticisms trailing the
decision by Edo State governor, Adams
Oshiomhole, to sign the death warrants of
condemned criminals in his state, a
lawyer, Ladi Rotimi-Williams (SAN), has
thrown his weight behind the decision,
saying the governor acted within the
dictates of law.
Speaking in an interview with reporters on Tuesday, Rotimi-Williams
said the governor only carried out his
constitutional duties as a state chief
executive, mandated to sign a death
warrant after a competent court of law
has convicted an accused of murder.
He argued that with the incessant cases of
jailbreaks in Nigeria, it is better to
maintain the status quo pending when a
credible solution will be found to the
“When a man commits murder, and he is
found guilty after a fair trial, and the
court upholds that he should be executed,
the governor, as the chief executive of the
state, has to sign the death warrant, which
will enable the hangman to carry out his
“So, Governor Oshiomhole is only carrying
out his constitutional duties as a governor
when the death warrant was signed.
“However, there has been some schools of
thought that said we should abolish the
death penalty.
“In the United States, some of the states
have abolished it, some have not. In the
State of Texas, they initially abolished it;
now, they have gone back to executing
criminals, who commit murder.
“In Nigeria, I think we still have some way
to go before we can abolish it. Moreso, in
Nigeria where jail break are very common.
“Only on Sunday, in Akure about 125
inmates escaped from jail. How many of
these people were armed robbers? How
many of them are convicted murderers?
“So, what is the point when you have jail
system that is not secure? For now, let us
leave things as it is”, he said.

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