Catch of the century? Man catches 200-year-old fish in Alaska

Henry Liebman knew the 39.08-pound, 40-inch fish he reeled
in was abnormally big. What he didn’t realize was that the
beast is older than the state of Alaska itself.

Sport fisherman Henry Liebman, from Seattle, holds his record-
breaking rockfish at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Office.
Catch of the century?
An insurance adjuster from Seattle was stunned to find a fish he
caught in Alaska could be more than 200-years-old.
Henry Liebman reeled in the beastly 39.08-pound rockfish June 21.
“I knew it was abnormally big [But I]didn’t know it was a record
until on the way back we looked in the Alaska guide book that was
on the boat,” he told the Daily Sitka Sentinel.

The age of the fish hasn’t yet been determined, but experts think it
might be a record.
Liebman’s find smashed the previous record catch of a 200-year-
old 32.5-inch guppie, leading experts to say his find is probably
even older.
“Henry’s was almost 41 inches, so his could be substantially older,”
said Troy Tidingco, Sitka area manager for the Alaska Department
of Fish and Game.
It would mean the fish was born before the U.S. bought Alaska
from Russia in 1967.
Liebman reportedly returned home with his haul which he says he
will now mount on his wall.
But his plans have sparked anger on Twitter, with many criticizing
him for killing the “beautiful” creature and asking why he didn’t
return it to the sea soon after.

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